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The PSHE curriculum at The Whitchurch Church of England Federation will give the children the opportunity: 


· To learn to keep themselves healthy and safe. 

· To become critical thinkers and to build self- esteem, resilience, and empathy. 

· To prepare them for life and work in modern Britain by raising aspirations. 










The broad and balanced PSHE curriculum at the Whitchurch Federation focuses on developing children’s knowledge and skills to enable them to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, understand how to develop and maintain positive relationships and to understand their rights and responsibilities living in the wider world. 


These key areas are taught using the Jigsaw scheme which is broken down to six themes (Puzzles) and focuses and on personal, social, and emotional development of children (see Roadmap). All six units are taught from Years 1 to Year 6 building upon children’s prior knowledge within each theme year by year. 


Through this scheme of work children will demonstrate and apply the British values of Democracy, Mutual Respect, Tolerance, Rule of Law and Liberty. 



Our PSHE provision provides children with skills and valuable experiences to be independent and responsible members of a society. We aim to raise aspirations and tackle many of personal, moral, social, and cultural issues children may face in society. 



The knowledge taught in PSHE lessons complements other areas of the curriculum to further enhance children’s learning to ensure they make informed decisions for themselves. 


Children learn are how to stay healthy, what our bodies do with the food we eat, how choices affect how our bodies work and how our bodies change as we get older. These are reinforced in Healthy Me and Changing Me unit. 











Children learn different ways of keeping fit and healthy. These are reinforced in the Healthy Me unit. 













Children are taught about global issues within our Geography provision. 


Children learn the importance of keeping safe online. These are reinforced in the Relationships unit.

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