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At The Whitchurch Church of England Federation, our intent is to ensure that:

  • all pupils develop a scientific knowledge of biology (life), chemistry (matter) and physics (energy).

  • learners use different enquiry skills and enquiry types to answer questions about the world.

  • pupils apply their scientific knowledge to understand why science is important today and for the future.



Our science curriculum is based on the three main disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. Each year groups’ topics provide a sequential, progressive approach to enable pupils to enhance their understanding of the world around them. High quality retrieval tasks check understanding throughout a topic, and an end of unit assessment ensures that pupils have knowledge required for future learning. 








We actively seek opportunities for pupils to enhance their science capital. This is achieved by enabling pupils to contextualise their learning within the real world. Some examples include:

  • Regular visits to our school allotment

  • STEM days 

  • Linking to careers that involve science, such as the RAF

  • Animals encounters/zoo visits

  • STEM club provision, supported by STEM ambassadors

  • Theatre visit to learn about significant female scientist throughout history.








The skills and knowledge the children use in Science complement those in the rest of the curriculum. These are just some of the ways that Science links to other areas of their study:


At least one science text is studied in depth within each year group. This is further enhanced by science texts used in whole class reading and those that pupils have access to within class libraries.


Children produce two pieces of extended writing in English lessons based on the text they have studied.


Statistical tools learnt in maths are applied in science, as well applying their understanding of measure and number. 


1:1 iPads are used to support all learning in science. Children using a variety of Apps, to capture and present their scientific thinking. 


Direct links are made to geography regarding sustainability and our role as global citizens. 


Significant scientists, and the impact of they have had on the development of our understanding in science, are studied throughout our curriculum.


Pupils learn about the importance of staying healthy and the effect that exercise has on our bodies.



All children at The Whitchurch Church of England Federation, carry out scientific enquiry.

We use TAPS (Teacher Assessment in Primary Science) to support with the teaching and assessing of the enquiry skills. This enables pupils to know how to carry out enquiries to enable them to find out about the world around them.

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